X At the very moment, we glance at the each ray of sunshine entering the foliage, at the sky reflecting in the idle waters of Lima, at each detail of a picturesque village exhaling centuries of history… At the very moment, we feel the wind bringing the fragrance of orange blossom and the sun embracing us… At the very moment, we stop to clearly listen to all the sounds that invite us to stay… we feel this indescribable eagerness of sharing these sensations with the rest of the world! We wanted to maintain its identity, its wisdom created by the time that went by it. But we also wanted it to be contemporary as it demanded. And our first Casa da Lola was born, and now it's also yours! Later, answering the calling of the old village, that eager for life, we grabbed the opportunity to bring life to another house. Built over a part of the 12th-century Cistercian monastery ruin, this space preserves little details of History. Casas da Lola is your shelter, the place that welcomes you and pampers you after you have been enchanted, as we have, by the forces of nature that are felt with soft intensity here. Both houses consisting of two bedrooms, social areas and kitchen, Casas da Lola has a decoration that rejuvenates tradition and rusticity, integrating them in a comfortable, up-to-date and inspiring environment.